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Welcome Mini-Artists!

Welcome Mini-Artists!

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Welcome to the 2017 Mini Artist Updates


Today we are going to look at how an artist gets started on a new creation.  For this project, Lindsay Neish first looked at the monster she needed to recreate.

Next, she started sketching out her idea really lightly in pencil. Look closely. Can you see it?


Now it was time to get her other supplies together. Paintbrushes? yes!



Paints? All the colors she wanted to use.



Colored pencils? These look like fun!



A little color here.



And now even more color starts to appear! Lindsay is really on her way to a super colorful new creation.







Today's update is all about Fiber Art. What is fiber? Fiber is material like felt, clothing, or even dryer lint.

Amy Woodruff loves to make art out of felt. The first thing she did is to make the shape of her monster out of wire. The wire is like the bones of the monster. You have bones too. Can you feel where your bones are?

Next she wrapped yarn around the wires. This helps to give the monster his shape. It's like your muscles. Can you make a muscle with your arm? You can feel it with your  hand. See how it makes your skin stretch?  Amy chose a color that will look great with the rest of her monster.


Next she laid out lots of fuzzy felt in these great colors.  She had some for the front and some for the back. Look how it's the same shape as the monster. This is going to be like the monster's skin. What color is your skin? Does it cover you all over?


WOW! Look at all the colors! I see orange and red and purple. There's even a little yellow. Amy put the fuzzy felt all over.


Bath time! She put a screen over both sides of this little guy to hold him very still. The water she poured on it will make the fuzzy felt stick to the yarn underneath.

Look how it changed. Now this little guy has his shape and color all set. He's coming along great! Do you remember what he looks like underneath? Look around this week at your friends and family. Do they all look the same? They all look different, but underneath they all have bones and muscles and are very much the same. Isn't that cool?

Today I want to talk about mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes, even grownups. Do you see where the blue ran onto the monster’s skin? That was a mistake.


How can I fix that? I decided to cover it by painting the skin with a nice pinky skin color.

OH NO! The leg broke! How can a monster dance with only one leg? Something else I need to fix.

Gorilla glue to the rescue! (yes, it really is called gorilla glue). A little dab and some pressure.

After waiting for it to dry, that leg looks good as new.

Even when something doesn’t turn out like you planned, it’s ok. It gives you the chance to think again and figure out a new way to make it work. The colors may have changed, but this little monster is now ready to dance and have ice cream.






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