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Tammy Hedge Artist in Fredericksburg VA

Tammy Hedge Artist in Fredericksburg VA

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Tammy Hedge – Artist

A native of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Tammy is a devoted wife and mother of four incredible sons and their countless group of misfit friends. She is always immersed in love and giggles.

Tammy holds a BA in Music Education from James Madison University. After taking a local sculpting class, she was bitten by the clay bug and now uses this medium to convey her wacky world and love for life. She has studied under Johnny Johnson, Neal Reed, and other local artists.

View art by Tammy Hedge below and contact for more art.

2015 has been the inception of a new and exciting venture in Tammy’s life. She stepped out on her own and established Hedgerow Art; a place of childlike wonder and imagination. So grab a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes and enjoy.

2016 has seen another dream come true. Tammy is now showing at Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA. She is a member and currently on the Board of Directors for the Gallery, as well as the head of Installation for the Gallery. While she still maintains and works from her Hedgerow Art studio, she has permanent display and sales space at Art First.

She is the author of many children’s books such as , Millie the Monster, Gabe and Me, Lou and Vivvy, and years worth of Monster Mashup art compilations.

Tammy Hedge is the founder and coordinator of the annual Monster Mashup Project in Fredericksburg VA. Learn more at 

Watch the video below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions from Tammy Hedge

Q: Are you normal?
A: I have no idea what that means.

Q: Shoes or sneakers?
A: Flip-flops Rule!

Q: What are your hidden superpowers?
A: Brown belt in karate, laser vision.

Q: Are you safe to be around if you haven’t had enough coffee?
A: See previous question.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: What is that? Around our house we call that naptime.

Interested in a piece you see on the website?  Interested in having something custom designed? Interested in getting to know the artist?

Just contact Tammy to discuss or arrange a visit to her studio.

Hedgerow Art
Phone: 540-842-2193

Online Art Gallery Fredericksburg VA

Online Art Gallery Fredericksburg VA


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Mission Statement

Artist International Gallery is a corporation of professional artists whose goals are to exhibit and sell quality art as well promote educational and cultural experiences for the world community.

Membership Requirements

  1. Fees are charged to cover expenses and upkeep. Any change in fees will be decided by the Board of Directors.
  2. Our current fees are $50/month for one page, plus an additional $10/month for each additional page
  3. All prospective members will provide 10 digital samples of their original work for consideration by the Art Directors. They will also pay a $25 consideration fee. They will also provide a head shot and a short biography of their art resume. If they are chosen as members the $25 will be applied to the cost of their first page of work that AIG will represent. If they are not chosen, they will be notified as to the reason, with suggestions for consideration later. AIG will also keep the consideration fee.
  4. New members will pay their first month dues upon joining.
  5. Members not current with their dues from the preceding month will be unable to display their work until they are paid up.
  6. Dues may be paid with a credit card, but preferably with a Paypal account.
  7. All member art must be original and must be for sale.
  8. We encourage our artists to rotate their pieces instead of showing the same piece month after month. This is to their advantage, as it shows our clientele that they are indeed producing new work on a consistent basis.
  9. Unframed pieces must have a wrap-around canvas or look finished with painted or clean edges with no staples visible.
  10. Only original artwork will be shown. Matted prints will need permission from the Board of Directors.
  11. When a sale is made, the artist will be notified. We prefer to work with Paypal so money can be sent directly to the artist. The artist is then responsible for the safe shipping of the art. This must be done with 2 weeks of the sale.
  12. Artists work much be inspected before shipping. Work must be dust and fingerprint free, have no damage to frame, show no gaps between art and frame, have clean glass and well secured hangers and wires. Make sure to include a business card so the buyer can quickly get in touch should there be a problem, or better yet so they can contact the artist directly about buying more work.
  13. If dues are not up to date, or paid, we will not exhibit the artist’s work.
  14. Please label work on the back or bottom of the piece. List the artist, medium, title and price. This gives provenance to the art and is important to collectors.
  15. When submitting files for display on the website, make sure to use the highest resolution possible and the best lighting. Great photos sell great art faster.
  16. We are a family friendly site, so no disturbing art will be accepted. This does not include nudes or pieces making a statement. Those will be reviewed on a piece by piece case.
  17. We reserve the right to dismiss any member that we feel is not representing our brand in an ethical and professional manner.
  18. Within the first year of representation, by our gallery, we require that our members visit our founder, Tammy D Hedge, at her home gallery. This is to give our artists more insight into how to promote their work and suggestions on salesmanship and service to their home communities. We are working on procuring a live location, where the artists can come together for a show of their works and networking opportunities.

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Please contact for more information on how to apply to the Artist International Gallery.

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Interested in a piece you see on the website?  Interested in having something custom designed? Interested in getting to know the artist?

Just contact Tammy to discuss or arrange a visit to her studio.

Hedgerow Art
Phone: 540-842-2193

Online Art Gallery