Here we go again!

Once again we are very busy organizing another Monster Mashup into a reality. The new artists and creations will start being presented on our Mini-Artists page as soon as we're ready.



If you didn't get a chance to buy last year's book, the links are below and they are still available for purchase. Every sale helps us to fund the next year's crop of monsters.

The new book is READY!!!  You may purchase the Collectors Edition online. This book contains All the art from All the artists!


If you would just like the art from Mrs. Padgett's class.

If you'd like just the art from Mrs Winderl's class.

For the art of Mrs Phipps' class.

If you'd like to read more about the project, please click on the Monster tab. At the bottom of that page, make sure to check the updates link. There you will  meet the artists and learn about how art is created and there are even fun activities to try! This page is VERY child focused and is a great way to spend some quality time with the children in your life.


Wild Thing

Welcome to my new project! Monster Mashup is a collaborative project between local elementary aged children and artists.

The goal is to get children invested and interested in many diverse art mediums and to provide an insight into different perspectives and processes.

I have a lovely volunteer group of kindergartners that have agreed to design their own Monsters and draw us pictures of their creations. Those pictures will be handed off to an extremely talented group of local artists who will re-interpret them into "grown-up" pieces of art. I have a great group of volunteer artists that have been chomping at the bit to feast their eyes on our mini artists work.  I am looking forward to working with all involved and really excited to share with you all the ins and outs of our creative processes and allowing you to actually watch as these works develop over the next few months.  When all the works are done, we will be having a huge Reveal Night, which will be open to the public, where you can meet the artists, see the finished products, and maybe even meet the wonderful children that helped us out with their fabulous imaginations.

Please stay tuned to the website to watch the fun, keep up with announcements, and eventually join us for the big night. I'm hoping to even have a booklet for purchase that will be a great memento to keep outlining the whole project from beginning to end. Bookmark my site so you don't miss out on anything!  

Welcome Students!

Project Updates

Here is where you can find out all kinds of cool information on your Monsters. I will be updating this site with photos of the artists that are working on your creature and maybe even videos of the Monster Art being made. I want to personally thank you and thank your parents and teacher for being involved in our project.  We are honored to babysit your Monsters and help them to grow up into new pieces of art.

The artists are so excited and are just waiting to see what kind of super ideas you've come up with. I hope you will check back with my site to learn all about how art is made.

Click Here for the Updates Page!